At SOUL Food Salon Chef Kellan cooked some tasty and healthy dishes using as few ingredients as possible. He emphasised locally sourced and in season ingredients; cauliflower, asapargus and wild-caught rock fish. Participants watched Kellan cook, asked questions and left knowing how to make some incredibly simple yet delicious dishes.




At SOUL Food SalonJennifer dove into the alarming health trends that are putting our kids at risk and uncovered the keys to improving the health of our families. Jennifer’s game-based approach provides a step-by-step plan that helps parents boost variety at their table, reduce stress, and set their children up for a lifetime of healthy habits. 






LYNDA & JOE, Cooking out of the Box


FEB 2015

Sandee Birdwell, MD; Kathleen Putnam

Fermentation and the Microbiome:

At SOUL Food Salon, Sandee and Kathleen taught us how to ferment our own vegetables and make homemade kombucha. We learned about the health benefits of eating fermented food and its impact on the microbiome.




MARCH 2015

Melissa King, Chef

At SOUL Food Salon Melissa discussed the various techniques for preparation of seasonal vegetables in order to extract the most flavor in a healthy way: roasting, blanching, steaming, etc. She also used a variety of herbs and acids to brighten up the flavor of these foods without needing to incorporate fats.  Finally she created a beautiful and tasty spring garden vegetable and whole grain salad as well as a cauliflower & caper dish.

Whole Grain Salad with Seasonal


MARCH 2015

Health Panel -  A Panel Discussion on how we might best analyze and maneuver through conflicting messages in the nutrition space



APRIL 2015

Stephanie Willard -Chef and Owner of Pizza food truck Rolling in Dough &

Amanda Bernshteyn - Nutritionist


At SOUL Food Salon Stephanie made an array of gluten free items including her delicious biscotti!  She also gave out some great prepared dishes to taste.  In addition, Amanda taught us all about gluten, its presence in many food items and why some people may benefit by eliminating or reducing gluten consumption.


APRIL 2015

Lisa Putnam (Master Gardener and Composter) & Kathleen Putnam (Certified Arborist and Master Gardener)


We are so lucky to live in a place with year-around gardening opportunities.  This time of year is perfect for planting your summer garden and enjoying succulent tomatoes, gorgeous eggplant, vibrant peppers, unusual and tasty cucumbers, summer squash, summer grown winter squash, fresh corn, edamame, basil … summer abounds with possibilities!  In this class we touched on fall, winter and spring vegetable gardening, from seed to harvest. There was a focus on soil health and best practices for keeping your soil alive and well.  We also reviewed how and why to compost to feed your soil, which in turn, feeds your plants!



Lia Huber (Food Writer, Media Personality and FOUNDER of NOURISH Evolution)

At SOUL Food Salon, Lia will took a look at the concentric circles of impact that surround our choices with food.  We started with two plates – one filled with processedfood and one with a meal of real food, and then looked at the ripple effects of the impacts, starting with our bodies, moving to the planet, and on to our world.

Lia also showed us how simple—and delicious--it really is to have a positive impact on all three as she made a Simple Summer Sauté and Last of the Season Tomato Farrotto.



Jennifer Hartle (MD)

At SOUL Food salon, Dr. Hartle told us about her top chemicals of concern in the food system. She uncovered some of the food policies that allow us to be exposed to chemicals on a daily basis. She also explained practical ways we can actively advocate for a safer food environment and overhaul our kitchens to protect ourselves from chemical exposures in our diet.  



Prerana R. Sangani (MD, MPH)

At SOUL food salon, Prerana shared some of the science behind the healing nature of spices.  She also prepared some tasty and flavorful Indian dishes too.



Clia Tierney (Certified Yoga Instructor)

At this salon, Clia took us through a practice that included both physical asana and mindfulness practices. The sequence was appropriate for all levels of interest - from first timers to experienced yogis.  The theme was "renew and rejuvenate" with the intention to learn something new that can be practiced at home. Smoothies were provided by Jill Andrews and Kristi Patterson.







Marina Abrams (ND., MSOAM)

Did you know your gut helps control your complete physical and mental health? Digestive issues can play a huge part in your physical strength and your mental wellbeing. If you are looking for a way to increase your energy, bolster your immune system, and have improved mental stamina and focus, your gut health is the place to start.
At this salon, Dr. Abrams discussed how our digestive health affects our immune system and overall health in many profound ways. She shared healthy solutions to help us rid our bodies of pro-inflammatory substances. Ultimately this helped us to feel most vibrant in mind, body, and spirit.


MARCH 2016

David Baum (PhD., D Min.)

We live in a complicated world, with almost no space for breath or thought. Fortunately there is a solution. TheFour Rules to a Simple Life is a poetic and practical way through the noise and chaos. Based on noted anthropologist Angeles Arrien’s landmark work, these four principles of life can be found cross-culturally world-wide as the antidote to complexity and stress. Follow them and your life starts to get easier. It’s that simple!

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Salon video


APRIL 2016

Ann Ming Yeh (MD, FAAP, DABMA) & Reshma Shah (MD, MPH, FAAP)

At this salon we learned that inflammation is the body's response to injury and its many components. We also discussed a broad overview of inflammation in its various forms - acute, chronic, and how it can cause disease.   We were introduced to  the components of an anti-inflammatory diet and discussed how simple dietary changes can help modulate inflammation.  We then dove into a day's worth of food to fight inflammation-- breakfast, lunch, dinner and even a sweet note to end.  Simple, tasty recipes.


MAY 2016

Lucia Aronica (PhD.)

At SOUL Food Salon, Dr. Aronica explained to us what  epigenetics is and why it plays a critical role in our health and predisposition to disease. She also uncovered how our lifestyle habits, such as our diet, can trigger epigenetic changes thus affecting our health. Finally, she gave practical tips on how to boost our diet with epigenetically active nutrients for optimal health.

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Salon Video



Reshma Shah (MD)

At his Salon, w explored how the simple act of having family dinner together more nights than not can have an enormous impact on your child's well-being. However, between busy work, school, sports, and after-school schedules, it can seem overwhelming if not downright impossible to have a sit-down family dinner.  At this salon, you learned tips, tools, and recipes to get dinner on the table and get your school year off to a great start!

As a fun and interactive addition to this salon...  We all shared some favorite family recipes with the group. 



Laura Hughes Poppink  (MFT)

Salon Description: We celebrated the 3rd International Character Day!  We dove deep as we considered what type of person you truly want to be and how focusing on gratitude and growing our individual character strengths can help us lead a more fulfilling and meaningful life while simultaneously making the world a better place for all!  We learned to tap into the power of mind-body-emotional regulation tools and discovered how self-awareness and practicing a growth mindset can help you become the best version of yourself.  We all left  feeling inspired and grateful for both the blessings and challenges in life! Check out these videos for a taste of what we explored together! 



Kristi Patterson

Salon Description:
From the healthy to the hearty, breakfast is not only an important meal but can be the most delicious meal of your day.  Join us for a fun morning exploring some unique breakfast recipes and ingredients to start your day off right. In this salon, we'll learn how to prepare a range of items for a quick weekday morning to a make ahead brunch meal to a quick and healthy smoothie.  Kristi is excited to share tips and tricks with the SOUL Food Salon community on how to make breakfast delicious and fun.



Ken Cook (Co-founder & President of EWG)

Making safe and healthy choices for you and your family can be tough in today’s food climate. The nation’s focus on conventional produce, packaged and processed foods, factory-farmed meats, and valuing “simplicity” over nutrition has left many wondering how they can feed their families without adding an enormous chemical or health burden.
Ken addressed the current state of affairs in today’s food system, how various food choices affect the environment, and how we can reduce our exposure to pesticides, food additives, antibiotics in meat and more with a few simple tools.  Plus, he  discussed how we are pushing to change the food system with every purchase we make.

salon presentation

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Salon Video


Rebecca Katz (Chef, Cookbook Author)

Become a Soup Master!What’s the best way (and one of the most economical) to get tons of flavor and good-for-you ingredients in one dish? Make soup!  Rebecca showed us how to create soups that can make you feel renewed and energized year-round.  We learned:  How to stock your pantry & what equipment you’ll need*  How to identify the common elements of how to make any soup*  How to maximize & balance the flavor of your soups using four pantry  staples *  How to build a soup inventory.


Books Inc. was on site selling Rebecca’s cookbooks.  

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Salon Video



Clia Tierney (Certified Yoga Instructor)

At this salon, Clia took us through a practice that included both physical asana and mindfulness practices. The sequence was appropriate for all levels of interest - from first timers to experienced yogis.  The theme was "renew, recharge  and rejuvenate" with the intention to learn something new that can be practiced at home.  In addition, there were chair massages by Colleen Garrat and Francia Luna "Luna, tea from Simon Cheng from Pique teas, and Angela and Ervina from 5YINA all natural skincare products.  Clia created some essential oils for all to enjoy and take home.  

Spiced Nuts recipe


Christopher Gardner (PhD)

At this salon, Christopher clarified the facts vs. myths and helped us resolve our dietary conundrums around protein with an engaging blend of science and humor.  By the time he was done, he tied together chef-inspired great taste, environmental sustainability, and optimal health.  We walked away with personal solutions to try out and global solutions to support. 

America's Protein Obsession- WHY?


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Salon Video

Triple, Triple Brittle

Cranberry, Orange & Apricot Muffins


MARCH 2017

Laura Stec (Chef, Cookbook Author)

A cool cuisine would reduce our overall carbon footprint by using fewer animal products, fewer processed foods, less bottled water, and less food and packaging waste while using more fresh, organic, seasonal, and locally grown whole foods such as vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. The benefits of eating this way are nothing new, but now we realize that our planet, as well as our body, are paying the price for an industrialized food system. It is time for a new perspective on a very old problem.
At this salon Laura discussed various aspects of global warming (this is addressed in her book, Cool Cuisine) and then prepared some recipes in accordance with these principles. We learned how to source and prepare food in ways that positively impact our environment. 

Salon presentation

Make your own sauce

Japanese Hot Pot


APRIL  2017

Erica Sonnenburg, PhD

The trillions of microbes that we harbor within our gut are profoundly reshaping what it means to be human. These bacteria are wired into our immune system, our metabolism, and even our brains. Whether you have a food allergy, have trouble losing weight, or struggle with depression these conditions may be in some way dictated by what some refer to as our forgotten organ, our microbiome. 

At this salon, Erica discussed what we know and what we still need to learn about our microbiome.  She discussed why she thinks our guts are undergoing a mass extinction event, and what we can do now to improve the state of our gut bacteria. 

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Salon Video



Cashews with Turmeric

Salon presentation


MAY 2017

Katie Morford, MS, RD. 

(Chef and Cookbook Author)

Katie shared with us how easy it is to make delicious and healthy snacks.  She provided some handy tips and wonderful nutrition insights along the way. Ultimately, Katie proved to us that healthy and tasty can go hand-in-hand.
Katie's books, Rise and Shine: Better Breakfasts for Busy Mornings and Best Lunch Box Ever: Ideas and Recipes for School Lunches Kids Will Love were on sale at the salon. 

Recipes from salon

Creamy Mango Sorbet Pops


SEPT 2017

Erin Gleeson (Chef & Cookbook Author)

Fun Ideas for Entertaining

Erin shared with us how easy it is to entertain.  She provided some handy tips on how to plan a menu and then how to prepare simple and memorable recipes.  

Butternut Goat Cheese Crostini

Cheese Board Spread

Asparagus Pastry Straws

Cucumber Spritzer


October 2017

Roberta Brinton, PhD

Women and Alzheimer's Disease

Dr. Brinton discussed the latest science on women's risk for Alzheimer's disease and strategies to mitigate that risk.  She also addressed innovations in precision medicine/personalized care to achieve the right intervention at the right time for the right woman.

Toasted Spiced Pumpkin Seeds

Chia Thins


Salon Video


November 2017

Deborah Blake, NC

Cooking with Healthy Fats

Participants learned about why we need fats in our diet, which ones to choose, and the best way to incorporate them into everyday cooking. Deborah taught us easy to follow recipes and helpful cooking tips for the home chef.

Olive Tapenade

Salmon Patty

Kale Hemp Salad

Chia Chocolate Mousse

Healthy Fats 


December 2017

Daphne Miller, MD

Farmacology: Total Health from the Ground Up



Dr. Miller took us beyond the simple concept of "food as medicine" and introduced us to the critical idea that it's the farm where that food is grown that offers us the real medicine. She discussed the hidden connections between how we care for our bodies and how we grow our food. 

Dr. Miller's books, Farmacology and The Jungle Effect were sold at the salon.

Mole'Mama Guacamole

Pumpkin Cheesecake bars

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Salon video


January 2018

Clia Tierney, MA

Renew, Recharge, Rejuvenate

At this salon, Clia took us through a practice that will include both physical asana and mindfulness practices. The sequence will be appropriate for all levels of interest – from first timers to experienced yogis. The theme will be "renew and rejuvenate" with the intention to learn something new that can be practiced at home. we will include specific essential oils to support the practice.

After the yoga and mindfulness exercises, we enjoyed tasty snacks from Siren Snacks, Rebecca Katz's Triple Triple Brittle and we viewed Show the Love jewelry. 

Triple, Triple Brittle


February 2018

Jackie Apple, Chef and Cooking Instructor

Delicious and Nutritious Everyday Meals

Incorporating healing and nutritious ingredients into our daily diets is a constant goal. In this session, Jackie discussed the importance of incorporating key fruits and vegetables into our meals that provide natural anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. She also prepared some delicious recipes using the incredibly trendy and handy Instant Pot.

Top 12 Detox

Benefits of Bone Broth

Things to Avoid

Indian Chickpeas with Tomatoes and Onion

Mushroom Broth

Chicken Bone Broth

Spicy Carrot Dip

Morning Green Smoothie

Spaghetti Squash with Garlic, Parsley and Pecorino Cheese


March 2018

Craig Kielburger, Co-Founder We Charities

Finding Meaning in a Material World

At the salon Craig explored ways of measuring meaning, happiness and success in our lives. Drawing from his experiences as an international change-maker, he presented an approach to life that leads us to make decisions about the way we want to live, the goals we set for ourselves and the legacy we want to leave.

Craig's books: Me to We: Finding Meaning in a Material World and WEconomy, as well as ME to WE products were available at the salon. 

Lola's Favorite Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Salon video


April 2018

All About Fermentation


At the Salon:

  • Khristine began the salon by educating us all about fermentation and the many health benefits we gain by incorporating fermented items in our daily lives.

  • Kathleen taught us how to harness the power of wild yeast to create a nutritious and delicious sourdough bread.

  • Linda taught us about the long history and evolution of kimchi in Korean culture. She then showed us how to make kimchi, starting with salting the cabbage, to seasoning it and finally tasting it.

  • Justine demonstrated how to make a water-based probiotic kefir drink and described how kefir can be used for making coconut water and milk and dairy-based kefirs.

  • Laura educated us on what a “scoby” is and how to use it to make kombucha. She showed us the various steps involved in creating this tasty and healthful drink.













May 2018

Delicious Food for Disease Treatment &Prevention

With a Fun Flare


May 2018

Michelle Hauser: Delicious Food for Disease Treatment &Prevention

With a Fun Flare

At the Salon:
“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” But what about the deliciousness factor? In this session, Michelle demonstrated the principles of a healthy diet that help prevent and treat chronic diseases—such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity—by showing us how to make delicious AND healthy plant-based dishes highlighted in Stanford’s popular Teaching Kitchen Course for Medical Students.

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Teaching Kitchen

    Course video


Sept 2018

Fern Mandelbaum: Building the Entrepreneurial Mindset

At the Salon: 

In Building the Entrepreneurial Mindset we explored the key foundational elements of this mindset, how to build it in ourselves, and why it’s important. COOGLE, can be used in all aspects of our lives; courage, opportunity, optimism, grit, leadership, and execution. We also delved into growth mindset, the 3c’s (courage, competency, and confidence), and a framework for moving forward even when we have self doubt: think it, feel it, do it, be it. We explored how to be an inclusive, effective leader.  

Sugar and spice nuts

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Salon video

Oct 2018

Randi Epstein, MD: Aroused: The History of Hormones


At the Salon:

When it comes to hormone research, the last century has been one of huge advances and also outrageous claims. What’s real? What’s marketing? What’s hucksterism? Dr. Randi Hutter Epstein discussed her latest book, AROUSED: The History of Hormones and How They Control Just About Everything. She spoke about everything from birth, birth control, menopause, and aging. 

Edamame Puree'

Organic Energy Balls

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Salon video


Nov 2018

Beth Ricanati, MD: Braided: A Journey of a Thousand Challahs

At the Salon:

What if making challah once a week – getting your hands messy in a bowl of flour and eggs and sugar and salt and oil – could help ground you, help you to feel more present and more focused? It can. Beth Ricanati, MD led a discussion of her book, Braided: A Journey of a Thousand Challahs. We discussed (and noshed!) on all things challah and why having a meaningful ritual is so important for your health and well-being.

Challah Recipe
salon presentation
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Salon video


November 2018

Marion Nestle: Unsavory Truth: How the Food Companies Skew the Science What we Eat

At the salon:

Marion Nestle spoke about her just-released book, Unsavory Truth: How Food Companies Skew the Science of What we Eat. She explained how she came to write it, what it is about, why this issue matters, and what you can do about it.

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Salon Video


Dec 2018

Alison Mountford: Cooking to Reduce Food Waste

At the salon:

Food Waste has recently been gaining steam in the news. Alison discussed how big this problem is, the different areas where food is lost or wasted, why it really matters what we do at home, and how we can be better without investing too much effort. We were in the kitchen talking about smart meal planning, simple grocery shopping hacks and ways to move food through your kitchen in an environmentally friendly way. Alison shared with us some recipes from commonly wasted- yet perfectly edible ingredients.

Salon Presentation

Salon recipes


Jan 2019

Clia Tierney and Grace Kendrick

Renew, Recharge, Rejuvenate

At this salon:

Clia Tierney took us through a practice that included both physical asana and mindfulness practices. The sequence was appropriate for all levels of interest—from first timers to experienced yogis. The theme was "renew and rejuvenate" with the intention to learn something new that can be practiced at home. She included specific essential oils to support the practice. Grace Kendrick taught us the top three secrets to optimizing digestion with Ayurveda, the sister science of Yoga. We created a custom spice formula that is guaranteed to elevate your food experience and enhance your overall well-being.

Ayurveda Salon Presentation

Feb 2019

Alex Dimitriu, MD

Mind Optimization


At the Salon: Silicon Valley is the creative and entrepreneurial center of the world. It takes super human ability to maintain and perform at such high levels. Over the past decade, Dr. Dimitriu has learned some basic, yet very important ideas to help his patients succeed in their personal and professional lives. He shared these essential concepts with us in hopes they will lead to 'mind optimization,' allowing substantial life and relationship improvements and success.

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Salon video

Mind Optimization presentation


March 2019

Julia Nordgren, MD, Chef

The New Family Table: The Art & Science of Eating Well, Connecting with your Family and Staying Sane

At the Salon: In this session, we learned about the relationship between eating patterns and cholesterol levels. Julia reviewed nutritional trends and discussed the current recommendations about diets that maximize cardiovascular health. We moved into the “concept to reality” of how to make healthy eating more attainable and enjoyable. A lively and interactive food demonstration highlighted some important skills to bring to your own life and the life of those around you.

Smokey Quinoa Snack Bowl

Arugula Salad with

strawberries & pecans

Apple Crisp

Cauliflower with 

carmelized onions

  • YouTube

Salon Video


April 2019

Julie Kornfeld, PhD, MPH

Why Science Matters in Staying Healthy

At the Salon:Why does public health matter? We have been thrust into a time when the importance of facts, the validity of the scientific process and accepted scientific concepts are routinely called into question. Because of our constant connection to social media and news, misinformation and personal anecdotes have an outsized influence on what we believe and how we make decisions. At this salon we learned the importance of being a critical consumer of science and health information, which will hopefully help the world's population be healthier.

Gluten Free Mini 

Blueberry Muffins

Salon presentation

  • YouTube

Salon video


May 2019

Shelley Onderdonk & Rebecca Bloom

Let's Talk Food!

At the Salon:
In Shelley and Rebecca’s presentation we were imbued with The Anti-Cookbook’s food-positive philosophy. The authors have been touring the country since the book’s release and have been to bookstores, cafes, cooking stores and college wellness centers. They shared what they’ve learned from readers, particularly that the key to taking the mystique out of cooking healthy food is to keep things simple. The food was hearty and healthy, as well as, simple and delicious!

Recipes from salon

   The Freshman Five:

Dorm Food Redesigned


September 2019

Character Day

Laura Poppink, MFT

At the Salon:
We celebrated the 6th International Character Day! We dove deep while considering what type of person we truly want to be and how focusing on gratitude and growing our individual character strengths can help us lead a more fulfilling and meaningful life while simultaneously making the world a better place for all! We learned to tap into the power of mind-body-emotional regulation tools and discover how self-awareness and practicing a growth mindset can help you become the best version of yourself. We celebrated both our and other's unique strengths and left feeling inspired and grateful for both the blessings and challenges in life!

  • YouTube

Salon video

Salon presentation

Character Day handout


October 2019

Cooking for Better Brain Health

Annie Fenn, MD

At the Salon:

Dr. Fenn addressed the evolving science of what to eat to fend off Alzheimer's and other dementias; why she considers brain healthy eating to be a lifestyle rather than a diet; and which foods are especially good for the brain. She demonstrated how to make a few of her favorite dishes using brain-friendly cooking techniques.

Salon presentation

Salon Handout

Tumeric Almond

Milk Shooters

Smokey Walnut


  • YouTube

Salon video


November 2019

Using Design Thinking to Design Your Next Act

Patty White

At the Salon:

Design Thinking is a human-centered problem-solving methodology that is used for the design and re-design of products and services. As Bill Burnett and Dave Evans describe in their book Designing Your Life, the five steps of the design thinking process, along with common themes of its successful execution, can be used to "Build a well-lived, joyful life." In this session, Patty offered a "ReBoot spin" on using design thinking principles to determine the right next steps for you to take toward a more fulfilling life. Attendees left with an understanding of the five steps of the design thinking process and a "Personal Inventory Worksheet," which will serve as a guide to walking through those steps to develop the clarity needed to move forward.

Salon Presentation

Reboot Toolkit

Personal Inventory


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