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Cook right ... from the start

The motivation behind Pamela Salzman's cooking classes and this site is to encourage and inspire people to get back in the kitchen and cook real food. - See more at:

We believe that if you want to eat better, and you want to help change our food system, you need to cook. Maybe not all the time, but some. You don't have to eat local foods every day; you don't have to shop at the farmers market every week. But it's good to try. We're not extremists in a cult of purity, slow-foodness, or locavorosity. We're realists who believe in applying the best aspects of those food movements to our everyday lives.

Welcome! I’m Jenn Segal. Once upon a time, I was a chef.  I left the restaurant business in 2003 when my son was born. The recipes on this site reflect my life: as a mom, I need meals the whole family will enjoy but the chef in me needs to eat too!

Rebecca teaches people how to connect the dots between food... big flavor... and vibrant health!  She is a chef, cookbook author, speaker and teacher.  Rebecca works closely with physicians, nurses, and wellness professionals to include the powerful tools of flavor and nutrition in their medical arsenal.

What you’ll see here is: a lot of comfort foods stepped up a bit.  Things like bread and birthday cakes made entirely from scratch and tutorials on everything from how to poach an egg to how to make tart doughs that don’t shrink up on you.

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What started as a casual hobby for nights and weekends while I was working as an fourth grade teacher has now grown into a full-blown business that reaches millions of people with fun recipes each month. My goal is to inspire you with food that is both approachable AND exciting, whether you’re cooking for yourself, your family, your roommates, or your friends.

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