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Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Lia Huber believes you don't have to be a chef or "foodie" to cook fabulous tasting food, and you don't need to be a nutritionist to make healthy choices. A widely pubished food writer and media personality, Lia followed her calling in 2009 and founded NOURISH Evolution to inspire and equip people to make a lasting shift from processed food to real food in real life.

Her latest venture, NOURISH Evolution’s flagship program Cook the Seasons, is a revolutionary meal-planning program with a Pinterest-like interface that puts seasonal vegetables at the center of the plate. Sign up for the Cook the Seasons waitlist and visit for recipes and free resources that will help you on your evolution from processed food to real food.

Lia is also a widely-published writer and recipe developer for magazines like Cooking Light, Eating Well, Prevention and Health. She speaks frequently on television and in person to rally others to the NOURISH Evolution.

At SOUL Food Salon, Lia took a look at the concentric circles of impact that surround our choices with food. We started with two plates – one filled with processed food and one with a meal of real food, and then looked at the ripple effects of the impacts, starting with our bodies, moving to the planet, and on to our world.

Lia also showed us how simple—and delicious--it really is to have a positive impact on all three as she made a Simple Summer Sauté and Last of the Season Tomato Farrotto.

Click here for the salon recipes.

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