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Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Lynda Marren

A returning Soul Food Salon guest speaker, Lynda teaches cooking classes at Kitchentown in Burlingame and Draegers in San Mateo. She recently started a company called Just Add Salt that creates events with food as a backdrop, focusing on corporate team building and cooking parties. Lynda is working on a cookbook scheduled to come out in 2016. Her specialty is teaching approachable, make-ahead seasonal recipes for families and entertaining. As the weather shifts from sunglasses to sweaters and families are forced into fall schedules centered around sports practices, evening meetings and long hours of homework, we all crave more structure around dinnertime preparation. At SOUL Food Salon, Lynda focused on providing tips and techniques for making meals ahead of time. She also shared a few of her favorite uncomplicated yet delicious family dinners.

CONTACT INFO FOR LYNDA: Instagram: Justaddsalt_ Twitter: @justaddsalt_

2 Sisters Baking Company launched in September 2015 as the collaboration of Angela Polk and Jennifer Feldman (a.k.a. the “2 Sisters”). For years they had been making pumpkin bread for friends, families, and functions and had been asked again and again, “why don’t you sell this?” California law recently changed to allow cottage food operations to produce food in home kitchens… and this prompted them to begin the 2 Sisters adventure! 2 sisters, in 2 cities, with 2 families and 2 very busy lives …

Check out their website at: and place your orders!

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