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Peace at Home with Adar Cohen, PhD

Adar Cohen is a mediator and facilitator. For 20 years he has led conversations in conflict zones, family rooms, and other places where people need to hear and be heard. He united gang leaders and police officers to prevent homicides in Chicago. Following the Good Friday peace agreement in Northern Ireland, he helped Protestants and Catholics plan for a shared future in Belfast. And through the COVID-19 pandemic, he has helped families achieve peace in their homes.

Adar holds a PhD in conflict resolution from the University of Dublin. He has lectured at Harvard University, the University of Chicago, and at the invitation of the King of Bhutan, at Sherubste College, the Himalayan Kingdom’s first institution for higher education. His work has been featured by the New York Times, TED, MSNBC, and AEON.

Adar lives in New Hampshire where he and his wife are raising two tough little negotiators.

Contact Information:


Twitter: @DrAdarCohen

Click here to view Adar's wonderful guide on how to have a difficult conversation.

At the Salon:

Conflict isn't always bad. How we handle it determines whether it causes lasting damage or unlocks more happiness and fulfillment than was previously possible. This is true in our work, it is true in our politics, and nowhere is it more true than in our families. When we avoid conflict, minor issues become major ones. Communication constricts. Trust evaporates. The entire family system suffers. But if we approach conflict poorly, we risk doing further damage. The good news is that when handled skillfully, conflict presents opportunities for personal growth and deeper relationships. At this Salon, Adar will help you create a new conversation in your family that leads to less conflict and more peace.

Click here to view the virtual salon video.

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