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Road Tripping Through California with Erin Gleeson- Cookbook Author, Photographer

Erin Gleeson is the New York Times bestselling cookbook author and artist behind the lifestyle brand "The Forest Feast." After working in New York as a food photographer, she left the city for a cabin in the woods, taking her work in a whole new direction. Inspired by local California produce, she has created five vegetarian cookbooks and a line of products that showcase her unique blend of photography overlaid with watercolor illustrations and hand lettering. Erin's latest book, The Forest Feast Road Trip, is about her culinary road trip through California.

Her work has been featured in publications including The New York Times, Huffington Post, The San Francisco Chronicle, Food52, O, The Oprah Magazine, InStyle, MindBodyGreen, and People Magazine.

Erin's goal is to inspire people to be creative at home, to cook more with vegetables and to share meals together. She lives in Woodside, CA with her husband, Jon, and their three kids.

At the Salon:

Erin shared stories about her California culinary road trip—visiting farms, wineries, ranches, farmers' markets and restaurants to create the 100 vegetarian recipes featured in the book. She discussed how she uses her own watercolor illustrations and photography to lay out the pages of her book. Erin also shared a few recipe demonstrations.

Contact Information

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Instagram: @theforestfeast

Facebook: @theforestfeast

TikTok: @forestfeast

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