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      SOUL (seasonal, organic, unprocessed, local) Food Salon inspires, empowers and educates our community on how we can all live a healthier life and help create a healthier world in the process. 





      SOUL Food Salon serves as a platform to share ideas, gain practical knowledge on healthy cooking and create confidence in our participants on living a healthy life and ensuring a future healthy planet. We host a salon (a small gathering) event monthly featuring local chefs, health and wellness experts, and nutrition culinarians. We learn something new and expand our comfort zone through education, cooking, discussion and experimentation. Through these events, we hope to join the community in expanding the depth of understanding and learning of new ideas and techniques related to health and wellness. With this knowledge, we ultimately become stronger, healthier and better equipped to nourish and support ourselves, our families, each other and the members of our communities.

      Who is behind SOUL Food Salon?


      Click here to listen to Jeanne being interviewed on The Food Disruptors Podcast.

      Jeanne Rosner is a medical doctor with a passion for teaching about better health, wellness and nutrition. For the past eight years she has been a nutrition educator at local middle and high schools in the Bay area. She teaches middle school and high school students the importance of eating food closest to the source, making good food choices and eating in a balanced and moderate way. 


      In 2011, Jeanne was involved in researching a list of nearly 80 “unacceptable ingredients” for the company Revolution Foods. This project opened her eyes to some of the dangers in our food supply. Revolution Foods feeds over one million freshly prepared, healthy meals per week to students across the country through their school lunch program. Their emphasis on eating food that is more whole and “real” and less processed is Jeanne's main message too. 

      A short video about Jeanne

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      "All of my life I have exercised regularly and I have tried to eat a healthy and well-balanced diet. I am a wife, a mother of 3 children, an avid fitness buff, and a voracious reader." 

      About our Partner

      The St Francis Center: Community Gardens

      Since 1986, Redwood City's St. Francis Center has provided a variety of services for families living in the North Fair Oaks neighborhood and surrounding communities. In addition to food, clothing and schooling, the St. Francis center offers access to low-income housing, a youth center and community gardens. Its mission is to allow families to live with dignity while accessing essential services and becoming self-sufficient members of the community.

      This year, we are proud to partner with the St. Francis center to support enhancement of their community gardens. The gardens nurture both body and spirit and create a peaceful space. Through our partnership, we will offer a gardening and nutrition curriculum to community members and upgrade the current irrigation system.

      Watch this short video to learn more about the community gardens.

      Click here to make a donation in support of this year's partnership project (please add SOUL Food Salon when making a donation). 


      If you want to send a check, please make it out to The St. Francis Center. In the subject write SOUL FOOD Salon, mail it to:

      St Francis Center

      151 Buckingham Avenue

      Redwood City, CA 94063

      I’m joining forces with another doctor who has the same 2020 vision I do! 


      Angie Neison, MD is a family medicine and culinary medicine physician who shares my passion for best ways to nourish ourselves. Checkout @flavors4wellnessMD.


      We will both be helping and inspiring you along this year to cook more flavorful, plant-forward foods! 


      Once a week we will post a recipe that is:

      1. FLAVORFUL


      2. Easy


      3. Inexpensive


      4. Kid-friendly 


      5. Seasonal 


      6. And happens to be good for you and our planet!


      Feel free to share the post, recreate the recipe, save the recipe, screenshot it or whatever it takes to make you a fellow #eatmoreplants and #planetaryhealthdiet ambassador. 


      Tag us (@soulfoodsalon and @flavors4wellnessmd) and share your meals & recipes and use #eatmoreplants so others can be inspired too.


      There is NO greater gift to ourselves and our kids than to invest in our health and that of our 🌏 planet. It’s the ultimate WIN-WIN. If everyone ate more plants and talked to others about eating for our planet, our world would be in a different place. I urge all of you and my #physician colleagues to make human health AND planetary health a discussion with your friends, family and patients in 2020. 


      But where do we start??? Climate change is a daunting task. Did you know by changing your diet to eating more plants, you can play a large role in climate action?!?



      seasonal . organic . unprocessed . local


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