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  • Jackie Apple, Chef & Cooking Instructor

Delicious & Nutritious Everyday Meals

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Jackie is a native San Franciscan. Born to Argentine parents, she grew up in a home where Spanish, Italian and Argentine cuisine were staples. As a teenager she traveled to France, Italy and Argentina and enjoyed some of the most memorable meals of her life: Cherry Clafouti in Vichy France; Pasta alla Norcina in Perugia, Italy and Empanadas de Carne in Buenos Aires, Argentina. These dishes spurred her interest in cooking. Throughout college and graduate school Jackie hosted numerous dinner parties preparing dishes for her friends to enjoy. In 2007 Jackie realized her need to follow her passion and decided to attend The Tante Marie Cooking School in San Francisco. After graduating, she taught at Tante Marie's as she launched a small business for personalized cooking classes for individual clients. In recent years she has worked to develop nutritiously balanced meals for her family by incorporating more raw and naturally healing ingredients. As a lover of life, Jackie is passionate about cooking, teaching, eating and playing tennis. She recently starting taking classes to hone her Italian language skills. Contact information:

AT THE SALON: Incorporating healing and nutritious ingredients into our daily diets is a constant goal. In this session, Jackie discussed the importance of incorporating key fruits and vegetables into our meals that provide natural anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. She also prepared some delicious recipes using the incredibly trendy and handy Instant Pot.

Click here for the salon handout.

Click here to get the salon recipes.

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