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  • Beth Ricanati, MD

Braided: A Journey of a Thousand Challahs

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Beth Ricanati, MD's debut book, Braided: A Journey of a Thousand Challahs chronicles her journey of a thousand challahs and one woman’s quest for wellness and peace. This physician-mother has built her career around bringing wellness into women’s everyday lives, especially busy moms juggling life and children. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania and her MD from Case Western Reserve University; she completed her internal medicine residency at Columbia Presbyterian in NYC. She has practiced at the NY-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center, the Cleveland Clinic, and now at the Venice Family Clinic. In addition, her writings have appeared in peer-reviewed medical journals and many lifestyle blogs. Dr. Ricanati lives in the Los Angeles area with her family and one challah-loving dog. Aside from keeping her dog away from the challah, she likes to read, cook and take advantage of living in sunny LA! Contact Information: website: instagram: housecallsforwellness facebook: Beth Ricanati author book: Amazon At the Salon: What if making challah once a week – getting your hands messy in a bowl of flour and eggs and sugar and salt and oil – could help ground you, help you to feel more present and more focused? It can. Beth Ricanati, MD discussed her book, Braided: A Journey of a Thousand Challahs. She shared information (and nosh!) on all things challah and why having a meaningful ritual is so important for your health and well-being.

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