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  • Alison Mountford, Chef

Cooking to Reduce Household Food Waste

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Alison Mountford is the Founder and Chef at Ends+Stems. Alison has been a professional chef and entrepreneur for 15 years. In 2004, she founded her first company (Square Meals), which delivered ready to eat meals to busy families around the Bay Area. The business grew from serving just one client to selling thousands of high end meals weekly and was at the forefront of the meal delivery trend. Square Meals was sold in 2015. Her next step was leading procurement for a large food tech company. Seeing the scale of food waste there inspired her to found Ends+Stems. She's now on a mission to do better for the planet and inspire others to make simple changes when they cook at home. E+S combines Alison's unique knowledge of consumer food habits, culinary skill set, and accurately forecasts a need in the Food Waste trends developing today. Alison's mission is to empower families to save time, money by reducing waste and to minimize the stress of "What's for dinner?" E+S helps create meal plans to reduce household food waste while also having a positive impact on our environment. Alison holds a culinary degree from the California Culinary Academy and both an AA and BA from New York University. She lives in San Francisco with her 2 young children and husband.


IG: @endsandstems Sign up here to join in the great food waste challenge 2019.

At the salon:

Food Waste has recently been gaining steam in the news. Alison discussed how big this problem is, the different areas where food is lost or wasted, why it really matters what we do at home, and how we can be better without investing too much effort. We were in the kitchen talking about smart meal planning, simple grocery shopping hacks and ways to move food through your kitchen in an environmentally friendly way. Alison shared with us some recipes from commonly wasted- yet perfectly edible ingredients.

Click here to see the powerpoint presentation.

Click here for the salon recipes.

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