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  • Shelley Onderdonk & Rebecca Bloom

Let's Talk Food!

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Shelley on left, Rebecca on right

Shelly on left, Rebecca on right

Shelley Onderdonk and Rebecca Bloom were randomly assigned to the same freshman dorm when they showed up at Yale in the fall of 1985, and although they were from California and New York respectively, they came to realize they had a lot in common—especially their interest in clean eating. When they moved into their off-campus apartment senior year, they gravitated toward companionship centered around healthy food. Their long friendship has more recently blossomed into a working partnership—call it serendipity—but they both are now sending children out into the world of adulting. They wrote The Anti-Cookbook as a love letter to their children and their generation, but it is also a treatise for anyone who is looking for healthful, economical and reasonable strategies for eating well and being a respectful human being on planet earth, without all the stress and added sodium. A lawyer-turned-writer and a veterinarian walk into a kitchen… Rebecca and Shelley aren’t chefs and that’s exactly the point. Rebecca Bloom is a writer, editor and writing coach, community volunteer, former attorney, activist, tutor, mentor and mother of two daughters. Shelley Onderdonk is a mother of three sons, a veterinarian focusing on integrative medicine, a conservationist, a committed yogini and an avid horsewoman. Walking with dogs is a beloved shared pastime. Contact Information: Website: Email: At the Salon: In Shelley and Rebecca’s presentation we were imbued with The Anti-Cookbook’s food-positive philosophy. The authors have been touring the country since the book’s release and have been to bookstores, cafes, cooking stores and college wellness centers. They shared what they’ve learned from readers, particularly that the key to taking the mystique out of cooking healthy food is to keep things simple. The food was hearty and healthy, as well as, simple and delicious!

Click here to view the handout from the salon.

Click here for the salon recipes.

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