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  • Patty White

Using Design Thinking to Design Your Next Act

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

As Co-Founder of ReBoot Accel Inc., a speaker and executive coach, Patty White is driven to catalyze women to lead lives of impact and influence. ReBoot Accel was created in 2015 to help women become current with technology, connected to broader networks and confident to take steps toward fulfilling lives. More recently, her work has expanded to include consulting services around gender diversity and a coaching practice with the intent of aligning each individual's talents, interests and purpose. In addition, she helps company leaders use employee resources effectively and develop positive corporate cultures. Patty is also a Co-Founder of LuMind Foundation, inspired by her fourth child, a daughter with Down syndrome. LuMind Foundation's mission is to apply the current learnings in brain research and genetics to open opportunities for individuals with cognitive delays. Patty and her husband reside in Portola Valley, California. With their four children now settled in four different cities, they enjoy traveling, both to see them and to explore new places. When home, she enjoys running and mountain biking on the trail networks in the area. Contact Information: Email: Linkedin: @pattyannobrienwhite Website: ReBoot Accel Facebook: RebootAccel Twitter: @RebootAccel Instagram: @RebootAccel Linkedin: @RebootAccel

At the Salon:

Design Thinking is a human-centered problem-solving methodology that is used for the design and re-design of products and services. As Bill Burnett and Dave Evans describe in their book Designing Your Life, the five steps of the design thinking process, along with common themes of its successful execution, can be used to "Build a well-lived, joyful life." In this session, Patty offered a "ReBoot spin" on using design thinking principles to determine the right next steps for you to take toward a more fulfilling life. Attendees left with an understanding of the five steps of the design thinking process and a "Personal Inventory Worksheet," which will serve as a guide to walking through those steps to develop the clarity needed to move forward.

Click here and here to get the handouts from the salon.

Click here to see the powerpoint presentation.

Click here to see the salon video.

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