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Brain Health Mindset: Using the science of neuroprotective foods in your kitchen, Annie Fenn, MD

Updated: May 24, 2023

DR. ANNIE FENN is the founder of the Brain Health Kitchen, the only cooking school of its kind focused exclusively on brain health and helping people prevent cognitive decline through food and lifestyle. After twenty years as a board-certified ob-gyn, she traded in her stethoscope for an apron to pursue her passion for the culinary arts. But it was her mother's diagnosis with dementia that helped Dr. Fenn find her path and her new calling, one that enabled her to not only help her mother but also create significant and meaningful impact for others. Annie lives in Jackson, Wyoming with her husband and her two furry friends, Orzo and Livvie. When she's not spreading the word about Alzheimer's prevention, she enjoys hiking, all types of cycling and skiing, and foraging for wild huckleberries and mushrooms in the mountains. Contact Information: Physician, Chef, and Founder, Brain Health Kitchen Newsletter: Brain Health Kitchen Book: The Brain Health Kitchen: Preventing Alzheimer's Through Food Instagram @brainhealthkitchen At the Salon: Dr. Fenn updated our knowledge of brain-protective diets, including the latest information about the Mediterranean and MIND dietary patterns. She covered important new research regarding menopause, hormone replacement therapy (HRT), and Alzheimer's. And, she provided practical tips for making your recipes more brain healthy while keeping it all easy and delicious.

Click here to view the salon powerpoint presentation.

Click here to view the salon video.

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