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Brett Jenks, CEO Inspiring Change so People and Nature Thrive

Brett Jenks has championed behavior change in the conservation community for more than 20 years. As President and CEO, he leads Rare’s mission to promote the adoption of sustainable behaviors and achieve lasting change in conservation and sustainable development. During his tenure with Rare, Brett has created large-scale, global partnerships with Bloomberg Philanthropies, The Nature Conservancy, Conservation International, Oceana, Environmental Defense Fund, UNESCO, AVEDA, Encourage Capital, National Geographic and the ministries of environment and fisheries of many nations. Now, Brett is leading the launch of Rare’s first U.S.-focused program called Make It Personal. It is an initiative to inspire Americans to take individual actions with the greatest potential for meaningfully moving the needle on climate change. Contact Information: For more information, and/or to make a donation, go to

At the Salon: Join us for an Earth Day discussion featuring Rare CEO Brett Jenks. Hear how you can “Make It Personal” by focusing on the 7 actions that have the most potential to reduce carbon impact. Hint: your sustainable food choices are a very good start. This is a unique opportunity to ask questions and explore a bold initiative to move the needle on climate change.

Click here to view Brett's presentation.

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