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Cooking in the Spicebox Kitchen with Linda Shiue, MD, Chef

Linda Shiue is a practicing physician, chef and founder of Thrive Kitchen at Kaiser Permanente, San Francisco, a popular vegetable-forward teaching kitchen to inspire people to cook for health. She believes that the best medicine is prevention. Her cooking classes showcase seasonal produce, lavishly flavored with spices and fresh herbs. Her food writing has been published widely and she has been interviewed frequently on television and in print.

After she took her first French cooking class at age seven, it took almost 40 more years before she finally went to culinary school at the San Francisco Cooking School. In between, she studied anthropology and medicine at Brown, with fieldwork in rural Sichuan, China, and in uber-urban Singapore, continued her medical training at the University of California, San Francisco, and learned about plant-based nutrition at Cornell University.

She has been known to play spin-the-globe to choose travel destinations. An enthusiastic eater, she inspires strangers to copy her order and restaurant chefs to send her a little something special.

In addition to practicing medicine and running Thrive Kitchen, she is the mother of two teenage daughters in San Francisco. Spicebox Kitchen: Eat Well and Be Healthy with Globally Inspired, Vegetable Forward Recipes is her first cookbook.

At the salon:

Linda shared her journey to practicing culinary medicine and founding a teaching kitchen for patients and her approach to healthy cooking, which focuses on flavor first. We learned about her debut cookbook, Spicebox Kitchen, which combines her training in medicine with her love of cooking and offers spice-filled recipes inspired by her travels. Dr. Shiue demonstrated a few recipes from Spicebox Kitchen.

​Contact information:

Instagram: @spiceboxtravels

Follow Linda's culinary adventures at

Click here to purchase Linda's cookbook Spicebox Kitchen

Click here to get the recipes from this salon.

Click here to see Linda's salon presentation.

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