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Heart Health Optimization with Nicole Harkin, MD

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Nicole Harkin, MD, FACC is a preventive cardiologist who is board certified in Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Echocardiography, Nuclear Cardiology, and Clinical Lipidology. After graduating from Boston University School of Medicine, she attended Columbia University for Internal Medicine residency and New York University for Cardiology fellowship. She is the founder of Whole Heart Cardiology, a preventive tele-cardiology practice that provides cardiac optimization through precision and lifestyle medicine for patients in California, New York, and Florida. Passionate about preventing and treating heart disease through healthful, sustainable lifestyle changes, Dr Harkin works with her patients to create a proactive, personalized cardiac care plan. She is also the Chief Medical Advisor for PlateUp, a health tech start-up dedicated to improving health through nutrition, and is a member of Planted Forward, a comprehensive, multi-speciality telemedicine health team. She proudly serves on several committees, including the American Society for Preventive Cardiology Nutrition Working Group and the American College of Cardiology California Chapter Prevention Committee. She currently lives with her family in Tiburan, CA. When not doctoring, she spends the majority of her time with her three young children. She also enjoys cooking, yoga, Peloton-ing, hiking, and traveling. At the Salon: Join Dr Nicole Harkin, MD, FACC in a discussion about evidence-based, practical tips that you can implement to optimize your heart health. Go beyond the basics and learn what the latest research has to say about heart healthy nutrition, exercise, and more!

Contact Information: Instagram: @nicoleharkinmd

Click here to view Dr. Harkin's presentation.

Click here to watch the salon video.

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