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How to Reduce Your Toxin Exposure. Vivian Chen, MD

Dr. Vivian Chen is a UK board-certified doctor in internal medicine and family practice who now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has ditched her prescription pad and, instead, helps her clients identify the root causes of their disease and encourages healthy lifestyle interventions. 

As an allopathic doctor, Dr. Chen was taught that genes dictated one's health destiny and that there is a pill for every ill. That’s how she practiced as an internist and family physician until her own health (and that of her family) started to deteriorate. She bounced from specialist to specialist seeking answers for her chronic fatigue and brain fog. She was told repeatedly that her concerns were normal and prescribed medications. Refusing to accept her lack of well-being as “normal," Dr. Chen began her own research. She discovered the power of nutrition, and she also learned that environmental toxins and other factors like stress play critical, contributory roles in myriad chronic diseases. 

Today, Dr. Chen coaches clients back to health through nutrition, exercise, healthy mindsets, stress minimization and toxin reduction. She also shares valuable information you won't get from conventional medical doctors via her website and instagram.

Contact Information:


Click here to receive Dr. Chen's guide to reducing toxins.

At the Salon:

Dr. Chen shared her top tips for reducing toxin exposure and offered some simple steps you can take to live more cleanly.

Click here to view the salon video.

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