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Virtual Holiday Cook-Along with Marti Wolfson, Culinary Nutritionist

Marti Wolfson is a health-supportive chef and integrative nutritionist. She has been a leader in the culinary nutrition space for 13 years, as a culinary teacher, nutrition consultant, speaker, and mentor. She bridges whole foods cooking, Functional Nutrition, and mindfulness practices for preventing and healing chronic illness. Marti has a unique ability to inspire clients to discover nutritious and delicious applications in the kitchen. Her early days as a serious dancer and intrigue in human health, led her to pursue a range of studies, beginning with an Exercise Physiology and Dance degree from Skidmore College, advanced certifications in Pilates and Gyrotonic, culinary certification from the former Natural Gourmet Institute, and a Masters in Functional Nutrition. Her curiosity in the mind-body realm of human health has made her a compassionate, creative, and caring practitioner and teacher. She has taught for the Natural Gourmet Institute, Center for Mind-Body Medicine, Maryland University of Integrative Health, NYU Prostate Cancer Retreat, and the Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy. Marti works with people individually on various health conditions, and has online cooking classes for all levels. Cooking is Marti’s profession and her hobby, always dabbling and cooking for friends and family. She also loves hiking, cycling, doing Zumba with her 4 year old girl, and lounging around with her husband reading the paper when said 4 year old is asleep. You can watch her 2014 TEDx talk: Intuition in the kitchen here. Contact Information: Instagram: @mwinthekitchen At the salon: Marti focused on simple recipes that are health supportive through the holiday flurry. They can be everyday dishes, ones for entertaining or even gifts. We discussed ingredients to support mind and mood, the immune system, and blood sugar. Click here to find the recipes and a shopping/ingredient list for this salon. Please prepare the ingredients ahead of time so you are ready to dive into the cooking session with Marti!

Click here to watch the salon video recording.

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