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  • Deborah Blake, NC

Cooking With Healthy Fats

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

Deborah Blake is a Nutrition Consultant in Menlo Park, California. She graduated in 2007 from Antioch University in Seattle with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Justice. Ever committed to working to improve the lives of others, she continued her education and graduated from the Nutrition Consulting program at Bauman College in Berkeley. Bauman is recognized for being at the forefront of the holistic approach to nutrition as it contributes to the prevention of illness and the promotion of optimal health. Deborah is passionate about empowering clients with nutritional education and support so that they can create new habits to reach desired health goals. She offers one on one nutrition and wellness coaching, cooking demonstrations, as well as workshops and classes on a variety of topics. In addition, Deborah is the co-author of Bites Beyond Limits, a food blog dedicated to allergy-free eating. Deborah is a mother of three daughters, and enjoys hiking, yoga and morning workouts with her husband. Deborah also spends time on "professional R&D” by testing new recipes or getting creative with seasonal ingredients she finds at the farmer’s market. In her spare time she battles squirrels in her small, suburban vegetable garden. Contact information: @bitesbeyondlimits

AT THE SALON: Participants learned about why we need fats in our diet, which ones to choose, and the best way to incorporate them into everyday cooking. Deborah taught us easy to follow recipes and helpful cooking tips for the home chef.

Click here to get the recipes from the salon.

Click here for the salon presentation.

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