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Tips to Optimize Fitness with David Freeman

This weekend I reached out to David Freeman. He is a health and fitness professional with 10+ years in the health & fitness industry. I was interested in some tips on optimizing fitness. Should we be stretching before or after exercise? Dynamic stretching aka dynamic movement should be done prior to exercise. This action primes and prepares the body for what it is about to experience. Post workout static stretching (keeping the body in one position, not moving) is recommended. The body is now warm and the muscles will respond better to static stretches post workout versus pre-workout. Cardio or weight training? Which goes first? We often tend to separate these 2 when in reality they should go hand in hand. To break it down I always look at cardio and weight training as a marriage and both of these elements are working together towards a happy marriage which can lead to positive results when done correctly. By definition cardio (aerobic) involves or requires oxygen. When I am weight training it is a form of aerobic (cardio) training. I recommend beginning with a dynamic warm up. This will include a cyclical piece such as a rowing machine or a treadmill. I would flow through this cycle for 10 mins. Here is an example: Dynamic warm up- 10 min flow 10 body weight squats 10 reverse lunges (5 each leg) 5 body walkouts 60 seconds on cyclical piece of choice I would continue with a combination of weight training and cardio throughout the workout. If you only had 10 minutes in the morning to get in some exercise what would you do and why? I would go for a run because I know that it will give me the most bang for my buck with the given limited amount of time. With only 10 minutes, I would run at a moderate and sustainable pace and try to cover as much distance as possible. Running is a great exercise to use as a warm up, as well as, resulting in an elevation of heart rate and calorie expenditure.

David Freeman

David Freeman is a health and fitness professional with 10+ years in the health & fitness industry. He is the National Digital Performer Brand Manager, Director of Inclusion Council & Life Time Talks Podcast Co-host with Life Time- The Healthy Way of Life Company. David has been featured on the cover of Experience Life Magazine and in Men’s Health and Men’s Journal Magazine.

David is the husband to MeChelle Lewis Freeman and they both are parents to Bayne (7) and Harley (5), and live in Frisco, TX.

Contact Information:

Instagram: @freezy30

Facebook: @davidfreeman

Twitter: @dfreeman30

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