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Updated: Nov 15, 2019

At SOUL Food Salon Chef Kellan cooked some tasty and healthy dishes using as few ingredients as possible. He emphasized locally sourced and in season ingredients; cauliflower, asapargus and wild-caught rock fish. Participants watched Kellan cook, asked questions and left knowing how to make some incredibly simple yet delicious dishes.

Kellan’s approach to food is naturally influenced by his native California background, world travels and Japanese heritage. He provides private chef services for the San Francisco Bay Area as well as Lake Tahoe. Kellan has become more than a chef, he’s cooking up experiences, from small intimate dinner parties to cooking lessons. He is always focused on the food and pays great attention to hosting his guests.

Chef Kellan appeared on the first season of Food Network’s show Cutthroat Kitchen hosted by Alton Brown. He ultimately came out on the top as the champion!

Click here for the salon recipes.

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Phone: 858.945.1324

The co-founder and CEO of Local Catch Monterey Bay (LCMB) Alan Lovewell stopped by our Salon and helped educate us on their program and how we can participate.

LCMB offers weekly distributions of sustainably caught local seafood. All seafood is primarily sourced from the CA Central Coast (Monterey Bay ports whenever possible) and caught sustainably.

By simplifying the supply chain, Local Catch Monterey Bay offers fishermen a premium price for their catch. This makes it possible for them to earn more with less fishing, reducing pressure on resources. Funds generated by the CSF allows the fishermen to continue to innovate in pursuit of more sustainable methods and gear types. Ultimately, by connecting more people with the ocean in their backyard, LCMB believes our community supported fishery can help to protect and restore the marine environment that we depend on for food, recreation, culture, economy and health.

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141 10th Street Pacific Grove, CA, 93950 USA

Phone: (831) 345-5153

Twitter: @localcatch

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