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Live Your Best Life Longer: Lifestyle & Cellular Aging with Sally Duplantier, MS

Sally Duplantier is a gerontologist and Healthspan educator. She is the founder of Zing, with a mission to help older adults live their best life longer. Her research is focused on increasing Healthspan—the number of years in which we are free of chronic disease and disability. Sally frequently speaks on topics related to health and is part of the guest faculty for Stanford’s Healthy Living Program. She also hosts a free webinar series called Wellness Wednesdays.

Sally has a certificate in nutrition science from Stanford, a master of science in gerontology from USC, and is currently completing a certificate in qualitative research at Indiana University.

Sally is a new dog mom, and loves any activity with her Havanese puppy, Bella, and Bella’s many friends. She also enjoys hiking, cardio dance, ballet bar, yoga, and meditation.

Contact Information:

Facebook: MyZingLifeSally

Check out Wellness Wednesdays!

At the salon;

Sally discussed lifestyle choices that affect cellular aging. She shared good news in that there are things you can do now to improve the way you age at a cellular level. Sally translated the latest scientific research on three biomarkers of cellular aging (chronic inflammation, oxidative stress, and telomere shortening) into practical advice related to lifestyle choices. You will walk away with actionable ways to improve the way you age moving forward, no matter how old you are today.

Click here to see the powerpoint presentation from the salon.

Click here to see the salon handout.

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