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Updated: Nov 14, 2019

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Jennifer Tyler Lee is a mother, the creator of an award-winning nutrition game that makes healthy eating fun, and the author of The 52 NewFoods Challenge: A Family Cooking Adventure for Each Week of the Year (Penguin Random House).

Her family cooking adventures have been featured by Michael Pollan, Jamie Oliver, Laurie David, Rachel Ray, Pottery Barn Kids, Williams Sonoma, and WholeFoods. She is a contributor at the Huffington Post and the James Beard award-winning magazine, Edible. Crunch a Color®, her award-winning healthy eating game, was voted top 10 by Dr. Toy.


NOTES from the Salon:

The diets of children today are setting them up for a greater risk of cancer and chronic diseases in the future.

It is necessary to set our kids up for a lifetime of healthy habits.

52 New Foods Challenge:

Try one new food each week. This is based on the idea of “micro” habits. Make small changes in your life and this will lead to positive habit changes in the long run. All you need is 30 minutes, one time/week.

1. Make it a game. Make it fun. Do NOT focus on the food. Take the emphasis off “eat the broccoli” and rather impart life skills on how to cook and explore the broccoli.

2. Eat your colors. The key to health is variety.

3. Cook together with your kids, not for your kids. Inspire curiosity and build confidence.

4. Buy in season produce. Avoid “airplane” food-

unseasonal produce that is transported far distances.

5. Grow it- Food comes from the ground and it changes with the seasons.

6. Let the kids lead- set them up with tools to succeed. Inspire creativity.

7. Keep trying

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Jennifer’s book is being featured at Williams-Sonoma. They are holding year long cooking classes featuring recipes from the 52 New Foods Challenge Cookbook. You can find information about upcoming classes at WS Upcoming Classes

For more information check the links below:

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