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Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Growing up in the health food capital of the world that is also at the heart of California's farmland, Santa Cruz, Kristi cultivated a passion for good, local food that was at times healthy and at times just comfort. Having spent her career in high-tech, she is a self-described short-order cook who loves exploring new concepts in food and cooking and keeping it both super healthy and super tasty. Kristi loves to experiment both with different diets and various types of cuisine. She has gone deep in the world of macrobiotic, vegan, and 100% home made. After being a vegetarian for 10 years, she has become a full-fledged omnivore and even raises and sells her own grass-fed beef and ranch raised, hand fed pork. She is the fortunate mother of two very adventurous eaters who have healthy appetites and aren't afraid to give "constructive" feedback. Kristi loves to cook for family and friends and especially loves tips and tricks on efficient and advanced prep cooking so you can socialize and cook at the same time! When not experimenting in the kitchen, Kristi is a passionate conservationist and serves as the Board Chair for Audubon California and on other environmental boards. She is an active parent volunteer at her children’s schools. She loves to hike and do yoga. Salon Description: From the healthy to the hearty, breakfast is not only an important meal but can be the most delicious meal of your day. Join us for a fun morning exploring some unique breakfast recipes and ingredients to start your day off right. In this salon, we'll learn how to prepare a range of items for a quick weekday morning to a make ahead brunch meal to a quick and healthy smoothie. Kristi is excited to share tips and tricks with the SOUL Food Salon community on how to make breakfast delicious and fun.

Click here to get the salon recipes.

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